Software development and integration

Software development and system integration

The components of the bitcontrol® Multimedia Suite offer many options for software development and integration into customized solutions.

Scripting in the bitcontrol® Video Streaming Server

The scripting capabilities of the bitcontrol® Video Streaming Server allow the realization of completely programmatical control over the server via interacting with the API of media applications, i.e. mainly with the bitcontrol® Digital TV Link.

The scripting language of the  bitcontrol® Video Streaming Server is JavaScript. All possibilities of Javascript are available for the implementation of application-specific requirements. An integration of scripts in other scripts is not provided, nor is an integration of external javascript libraries. However, all classes of the Java runtime environment can be used via corresponding import statements.

A powerful editor with syntax highlighting supports effective program development. In the scripts, the bitcontrol® Video Streaming Server embodies a Java object that provides comprehensive information on its Model API reference of functions and parameters of the media applications. The Model API includes about 45 packages with about 240 classes and hundreds of methods, see the following screenshot of the Scripting API Reference:

Sample: Switching of TV-Channals in BDA-Plugin by Script

In this script, the plugin "TV" is determined and a specific TV channel is selected from the channel list of that plugin.



for(var i = 0 ; i < bcvss.getDtvlinks().size();i++) {
    link = bcvss.getDtvlinks().get(i);
    if ( link.getName().equals("TV")) {
        for( var pi = 0; pi < link.getPlugins().size(); pi++ ) {
            plugin = link.getPlugins().get(pi);
            if ( plugin instanceof EDTVLinkPluginWithChannels ) {
                for( var ci = 0; ci < plugin.getChannels().size(); ci++ ) {
                    channel = plugin.getChannels().get(ci);
                    if ( channel.getName().equals("Deluxe Music")) {
                        plugin.setActiveChannel( channel );

WSDL interface for the bitcontrol® Video Streaming Server

The bitcontrol® Video Streaming Server provides an external interface via WSDL – Web Services Description Language. The network services can be used to control the bitcontrol® Video Streaming Server with external application programs, e.g. control via the cloud, with this XML-based description language.

From a developers perspective, any programming language of any operating system can be used for data exchange with the bitcontrol® Video Streaming Server or for controlling it, if the programming environment being used supports the WSDL interface.

Here is the latest WSDL Interface Description:

In principle, the complete functionality of the bitcontrol® Video Streaming Server is available. Media Applications can be created and configured. They can be started and stopped. Video and TV channels can be switched. Recording can be started and stopped, etc. etc.

COM Interface and JScript in bitcontrol® Digital TV Link and SimplePlayer

The COM interface in the bitcontrol® Multimedia Suite refers to the bitcontrol® DirectShow® filters:

These filters can be used in bitcontrol® Simple Player and in Media Applications of the bitcontrol® Video Streaming Server or as OEM components in customized products of the user. The filters not only implement DirectShow® Windows Media® Framework, they represent COM servers which provide functions of COM in Windows environment via the IDispatch interface. The functions of the COM port can be used in various Microsoft applications based on the Windows internal COM mapping to JScript.

A lot of examples of using the COM interface can be found in the documentation of bitcontrol® Multimedia Suite. Further information can be found in the bitcontrol® SDK user manual or in the download area, topic Use of bitcontrol® DTV Link web pages.

Please contact BitCtrl for individual consultation or for custom engineering services for the realization of your user requirements.

Access to GitHub developer platform

The GitHub developer platform provides the possibility to download source files for bitcontrol® Multimedia Products.

BitCtrl on GitHub

FlexCtrl SCADA

The FlexCtrl SCADA (pronounced flex-control) is a powerful configuration and runtime system for the controlling and monitoring of technological processes. It is industry-independent and can be directly integrated with the bitcontrol® Multimedia Suite. For more information, please visit