Applications for Waterways

Video Monitoring of the Waterway Crossing in Magdeburg

video monitoring for waterways

In recent years, the waterway Hannover-Magdeburg-Berlin was expanded. Now, it is possible to transport heavy cargo, containers, bulk goods and dangerous goods in an economic, environmentally friendly and safe way as an alternative to road or highway transportation.

The Waterway Crossing contains

  • the water-saving lock in Rothensee,
  • the channel bridge over the Elbe,
  • the double water-saving lock in Hohenwarthe

The video system bitcontrol® Multimedia Suite is used to control and monitor the lock operation.
A lot of analog video signals are encoded into MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 formats, then transmitted over the network and shown as live video insertion on the user interface of the SCADA system. An uninterrupted 6-days video ring storage was implemented to evaluate special events (alarms) and to secure evidence from incidents.