Video on Rügen bridge

Applications in Road Traffic Technology

VBA B96n Stralsund

Since October 2008, the Strelasund Crossing connects the island of Rügen with the German mainland. With total length of 4,097 meters, it is considered an technical masterpiece and is currently the longest bridge in Germany. The enormous dimension of the structure places exceptional demands on traffic safety.

A TCS – Traffic Control System – was installed to ensure traffic safety combined with optimal traffic flow. Its traffic and video servers, along with the software and communication, were implemented by BitCtrl.

VBA B96n Stralsund

Radar detector data for the registration of traffic density on separate road sections, data of automatic event detection by video surveillance (e.g. wrong-way driver, parking car), and weather-related data (sleet, wetness, fog, and wind) are collected here.

These data are saved, displayed and processed by intelligent algorithm to generate advice for traffic influencing.

The recommendation can be transmitted, on basis of these advices, to road users by means of sign bridges, additional dynamic traffic signs, and luminous lane marking, eighther through manual confirmation or fully automatically.

The alarm detection by 35 monitoring cameras releases an automatic video sequence recording action including an event preliminary lead time for the evaluation and perpetuation of the event.

In addition to permanent live video display in the control room, functions such as automatic live video camera selection during events, cyclic camara switching and video ring buffer recording are implemented.