Enabling highway emergency lane

Applications in Road Traffic Technology

Highway A73 Erlangen - hard shoulder opening

Depending on traffic - currently during morning rush hours - the emergency lane (hard shoulder) can be temporarily used as a normal lane between the interchanges Baiersdorf Nord and Erlangen Nord, direction Nuremberg, and so the traffic flow will be increased.

The whole route was equipped with a traffic influencing system to harmonize traffic as a whole, to avoid accidents and to secure the use of hard shoulders.

scheme of hard shoulder opening

The entire section of the hard shoulder was equipped with 54 fixed cameras for monitoring.  The video cameras observe traffic, especially the hard shoulder, and allow the recorded data to be released for temporary usage.

Decentralized processor units in the route stations support the user via situational alarms on the user interface of the video center (VC) and the connected subcenter (SC).

The video management system in the video center enables assignment and video recording through initiated alarms, including time progression, prior to the initiating event, as well as permanent recording of the traffic situation in a 24-hour video ring buffer.