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Other Solutions ...

Digital Signage

Customer information and entertainment of clients in retail or service is no longer a rarity.
Commercially standard computers with Windows OS can be easily expanded with the bitcontrol® Multimedia Suite, allowing salespeople to use their own promotional videos to inform their customers about offered products and services. If a set top box is connected, the user can show TV news and other broadcasts.

Note: Intellectual property rights regimes and claims of the collecting societies and rights holders must be observed for playback of third party content.

TV and Streaming modul for Touchpanel-PC

Parts of bitcontrol® Multimedia Suite can be used as a software component in third party products.
For example, it can be used as an extension of a touch panel PC to watch TV in kitchens and other rooms at home via the home's set top box.


Home Entertainment - everywhere

bitcontrol® Multimedia Suite can also be used at home. In the simplest case, it is used for playing locally stored video files or for watching TV broadcast from a set top box, on a single computer or distributed in every room of the house over LAN.

However, the advantages of playing personal videos or TV shows can be enjoyed on the road as well as at home. Individual TV can be available everywhere, whether in a café around the corner or on a different continent.

bitcontrol® Multimedia Suite offers a possibility to do just that.

By using real-time transcoding, the bandwidth demand of the output video stream of the set top box can be reduced. This allows multimedia streams (such as TV shows) to be transmitted from your set top box to your notebook, tablet or smartphone via the Internet.
Expanded possiblities of personal TV consumption are now available to everyone.

Mobile video recording for GIS application

bitcontrol® Multimedia Suite can be used for mobile video recording from a vehicle (car). Recordings may be used in conjunction with geo data for applications similar to street view, e.g. for cadastre and land registers.