Application pattern

Solution pattern for bitcontrol® Multimedia Suite

Design, operation, configuration and usage scenarios are described in the following examples.

00xx - Installation, Uninstall, Licensing, Updating

0001 - bitcontrol® Multimedia Suite installation

Installing the bitcontrol® Multimedia Suite on a PC or server with MS Windows operating system installed (Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Home Server, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7)

0002 - Split Screen configuration

The bitcontrol® Multimedia Suite supports configuration of Split Screen Applications.

01xx - IP camera

0101 - Video stream distribution of an IP camera in the intranet

The video signal from an IP camera has to be deployed on the intranet for multiple clients (Media Player).

0102 - Video stream distribution of an IP camera in the internet

The video signal of an IP camera is to be made available to many clients in the internet using a hosted


02xx - DVB-S/C/T with BDA devices

0201 - DVB TV on local Windows PC

A digital television signal from DVB-T/S/C source has to be displayed on the local Windows PC.

0202 - Deployment of TV signal from DVB source in the intranet via RTSP protocol

A digital television signal from DVB-S/T/C has to be distributed in the intranet via RTSP protocol.

03xx - Traffic video

0301 - Traffic video and public area video for the public

A video camera for traffic monitoring is recording live video, which is provided in real-time over the Internet to the public. Audio is not transmitted.

04xx - Capturing

0401 - Capturing with USB WebCam

The video signal of an external USB WebCam or of an integrated WebCam with capture device driver is retransmitted over the intranet via RTSP. Audio is not transmitted.