Application Pattern

The structure and the mode of operation of the separate examples will be prototypically described in application patterns. They will help you to intuitively understand bitcontrol® Multimedia Suite and to learn how to use it.

The Application patterns will be continuously expanded:

  • 00xx - Installation, deinstallation, licensing, updating
  • 01xx - IP cameras and encoder
  • 02xx - DVB-S/T/C BDA devices
  • 03xx - Traffic video

Software Engineering and Integration

The bitcontrol® Multimedia Suite components allow various features for software engineering and integration in user-specific applications.

  1. Scripting – internal control language on bitcontrol® Video Streaming Server
  2. WSDL – external control interface to bitcontrol® Video Streaming Server
  3. COM Interface and JScript
  4. FlexCtrl SCADA Process Control System