Net Publisher Plug-in

Net Publisher plug-in for bitcontrol® Digital TV Link

The Net Publisher plug-in for bitcontrol® Digital TV Link is an output plug-in. This plug-in transfers audio / video data via the HTTP POST method to another bitcontrol® Video Streaming Server in the Intranet or in the Internet. All audio / video formats of bitcontrol® Multimedia Suite are supported. The protocol is bitcontrol® specific.

This method makes it possible to send data, via HTTP port 80 and through a firewall, from a secure Intranet to the public Internet. By using a proxy adapter (e.g. Proxifier -, it is also possible to transfer through an intermediate proxy server.

A HTTP Rec media session (net receiver media session) of the Multistream Server plug-in operates as a receiver of audio / video streams on the second server.

Net Publisher plug-in

The current customer project, demonstrates such an application, see also the description of this project Verkehrsvideo (traffic surveillance in German).