Multistream Server Plug-in

Multistream Server Plug-in for bitcontrol® Digital TV Link

The Multistream Server Plug-in for bitcontrol® Digital TV Link is one of the central components of bitcontrol® Multimedia Suite.

The Multistream Server Plug-in processes and generates the protocols and formats HTTP, RTSP, RTP, Adobe® Flash RTMP/RTMPT, Apple® HTTP live streaming (HLS), transport stream, MPEG-2, H.263, MPEG-4 (part2), H.264/AVC and other audio and video formats.

The Multistream Server Plug-in receives different stream formats and different codec formats as its input and sends them, separately or together, in different formats. Thereby transformation, transcoding and re-transmitting of audio / video data are performed in the Multistream Server Plug-in, according to the user requirements.

Multistream Server Plug-in mode of operation
Multistream Server Plug-in mode of operation

The stream input and output of the Multistream Server Plug-in is represented by Media Sessions (Publishing Points), where each Media Session is characterised by one type. The following Media Session types are currently available or are under development and scheduled for a later update (in preparation):

Input / OutputMedia Session TypeMedia Session NameVideo / AudioCodecs supported / implementedNotes and Explanations
Output RTSPLive RTSP Live Video mpeg-1, mpeg-2, mpeg-4, h.264  
Output RTSPLive RTSP Live Audio mpeg-1 layer 2, ac-3  
Output RTSPFile RTSP Video-On- Demand     in preparation
Input RTSPRec RTSP Recorder     in preparation by bitcontrol® Simple Player
Output RTPLive RTP Live     on request
Output RTMPLive RTMP Live Video h.264 Adobe Flash Video
Output RTMPLive RTMP Live Audio   in preparation: AAC
Input RTMPRec RTMP Recorder Video   in preparation: H.264 Adobe Flash
Input RTMPRec RTMP Recorder Audio   in preparation: MP3
Output HTTPLive HTTP live Video h.264 Apple Live Streaming
Output HTTPLive HTTP live Audio   in preparation: AAC
Input HTTPRec HTTP Recorder Video all bitcontrol® Net Receiver1)
Input HTTPRec HTTP Recorder Audio all  
Output IPTVLive IPTV Live Audio/Video   in preparation: Transport Stream in RTP
Output HTTPTest HTTP Server Test Site HTML HTTP Web Site of Media Sessions
Input/Output HTTPControl HTTP XML Control XML XML XML Requests
Output HTTPFile HTTP File Server     Web Site - File Download
Input HTTPUpload HTTP File Upload     Web-Site - File Upload
Input HTTPUpstream HTTP Upstream Audio/Video   in preparation: mpg, avi, mp4, ts


1) Synonym: bitcontrol® Net Receiver, Receiver for bitcontrol® Net Publisher Plugin, fits for Proxy Server with Proxy Adapter

The Multistream Server Plug-in is able to output available local media sources (files, DVB BDA, capture device, etc.) as video streams in different transcoded formats without external stream input from an intranet or internet IP source.

All other input plug-ins of bitcontrol® Digital TV Link can be used as local sources.

Live TV with Multistream Server Plug-in
Live TV with Multistream Server Plug-in
Video on Demand with Multistream Server Plug-in
Video on Demand with Multistream Server Plug-in

The Multistream Server Plug-in users and groups to be defined for the allocation of access rights for single media sessions. The media sessions support Basic Access Authentication and Digest Access Authentication for user identification, so that output streams can be personalized.

user groups in Multistream Server Plug-in
user groups in Multistream Server Plug-in

IP address areas can be assigned to Media Sessions of Multistream Server Plug-in, allowing the spreading of seperate streams to be limited to defined areas.

IP-address areas in Multistream Server Plus-in
IP-address areas in Multistream Server Plus-in

Cascading: Intranet security often forbids access from the Internet onto the  bitcontrol® Video Streaming Server in the Intranet.  bitcontrol® Video Streaming Server can be cascaded in these and similar cases. This means that sending data from the Intranet to the Internet is done via the Net Publisher Plug-in (HTTP POST). To receive data in the Internet cloud, a Media Session type bitcontrol® Net Receiver should be configured.

By using cascading and inserting a proxy adapter (e.g. Proxifier -, firewalls and proxy servers can be overcome in the direction of the video stream via HTTP POST. The security of the Intranet is not effected by this solution, as video players only access bitcontrol® Video Streaming Server in the Internet as distributors.

Live video via internet
Live video via internet