Capture Device / Screencast Plug-in

Capture Device / Screencast plug-in for bitcontrol® Digital TV Link

The Capture Device / Screencast plug-in for bitcontrol® Digital TV Link is an input plug-in. It makes it possible to connect devices as a video source such as:

  • Devices which are registered in the system as capture devices, such as webcams, USB cameras, and frame grabber cards.
  • or the screen itself or parts of it (Screencast).

An encoder, preferrably H.264, should be connected to the media application to record the video stream or transmit it as a livestream.

The data formats mpg, avi and mp4 can be used for recording.

RTSP (IPTV), RTMP Adobe Flash Video Streaming and HLS Apple HTTP Live Streaming for iPhone and Quicktime are available for live streaming.

Audio devices registered with Windows (e.g. a microphone) can be used a source at the same time as the video and, after encoding (preferrably in Audio AAC), simultaneously saved with the video stream as a file or sent as live stream. The audio output (loudspeaker) can also be used as an encoding source, so that a playing audio CD or audio file can be mixed in as well as a microphone.

Hint: If, after the encoding, you want to simultaneously see and hear the result as a mixed audio/video signal in a live media player on the same PC, then turn the audio signal of the player off, or else the audio will get messed up.