bitcontrol® Video Streaming Server

bitcontrol® Video Streaming Server

bitcontrol® Video Streaming Server is the most important component of bitcontrol® Multimedia Suite. By using bitcontrol® Video Streaming Server, you can receive a lot of different audio/video signals from different audio/video sources, you can record them and stream simultaneously as Live Stream or as Video on Demand in various formats and to different clients.

bitcontrol® Video Streaming Server was developed for Internet applications, company Intranet and for private use. It is designed for streaming of

  • Adobe Flash RTMP / RTMPT (in V1.1 video only, audio in prep.)
  • Apple iPhone HTTP live (HLS) (in V1.1 video only, audio in prep.)
  • Microsoft WMV
  • Andoid RTSP
  • etc.

and it supports MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and H.264/AVC for TV and HDTV applications and for Video Monitoring, along with H.263 and MPEG-4 (Part II) formats and its derivates DIVX, DIV5, DIV6, XVID, DX50, FMP4, SEDG.

bcVSS scheme

Operational environment and application range

bitcontrol® Video Streaming Server can operate in the following environments:

  • in the Internet at a provider (Cloud)
  • in a private household
  • in a company or office

It can be used for the following applications, amongst others:

  • video integration into the GUIs of third party applications
  • video streams delivery for dispaying on different terminal devices (e.g. PC monitor, large format screen)
  • network streaming
  • video data storage for later processing

Outstanding features of bitcontrol® Video Streaming Server

The operation and configuration of a defined set of several bitcontrol® Multimedia Software components (e.g. several bitcontrol® Digital TV Link components and applications, i.e. filter graphs) is made substantially easier by using bitcontrol® Video Streaming Server and its GUI, because all important configurations and settings can be made at a centralpoint – on bitcontrol® Video Streaming Server. Use the native parameterization of bitcontrol® Digital TV Link for the special parameterization and usage of transcoders.

bcVSS features

Note: The bitcontrol® Digital TV Link is used in the bitcontrol® SimplePlayer too. This component is an universal audio/video COM object, which is suitable for several Windows Media® applications.

The interaction of bitcontrol® Video Streaming Server with the products bitcontrol® Digital TV Link and bitcontrol® Audio/Video Decoder leads to a high degree of robustness against errors (e.g. temporary signal intermission or bit errors) and good quality in matters of color brilliance as well as in matters of correct color reproduction. This is advantageous for the use of bitcontrol® Video Streaming Server on PCs and with industrial products.

bitcontrol® Video Streaming Server is operated via a web GUI. This permits configuration of the system as well as management and control of the videostreams from the Intranet and the Internet according to the access rights of the user. The secure protocol HTTPS is supported beside HTTP  for service purposes.

Furthermore, bitcontrol® Video Streaming Server permits both the management of authorized users and authorized IP areas. So it is possible e.g. to transmit video streams only to users with a German IP address.

bitcontrol® Video Streaming Server is cascadable and it can simultaneously re-transmit each video stream in various streaming formats, including UDP multicast and via proxy servers and firewalls via the HTTP protocol (see Net Publisher Plugin).