bitcontrol® Multimedia Suite

bitcontrol® Multimedia Suite

bitcontrol® Multimedia Suite (bcMMS) is a complete bitcontrol® Software package for using Multimedia Applications in numerous areas:

bitcontrol® Multimedia Suite
  • WebCam appropriate application from small image to high resolution HDTV, robust and good quality, also suitable for firewalls and proxies
  • Video Streaming Server for conventional multimedia clients (Windows PC, Linux Notebook, Mac, Android Tablet, iPad, iPhone, Playbook, Flash Video, HTTP Live, RTSP, WMV Windows Media, …)
  • Video Monitoring - Surveillance with remote access via WEB
  • Multi-Monitor Walls with split screen technology
  • Digital Signage and Infotainment for buses and railway
  • Build-in TV in modern kitchens
  • In-House Video Distribution in banks, savings banks, railway stations, airports, residential homes, …
  • Video on Demand Media Server
  • Media Center for Set-top boxes and DVB sets (cards, USB DVB-T stick, …)
  • Recording Center for WEB controlled TV recording
  • individual BigBrother TV - private IPTV for small and meduim user groups
  • 1)

Depending on combination and configuration of well matched bitcontrol® Multimedia Suite components, further Multimedia Applications can be provided for commercial, professional, and private areas in interacting with third party codecs and filters.

bitcontrol® Multimedia Suite - Components

The bitcontrol® Multimedia Suite contains the following components:

bitcontrol® Multimedia Suite can be customized to meet individual requirements due to combination, parametrization, configuration and licensing of components.


1) Some of mentioned applications based on bitcontrol® Multimedia Suite Version 1.0 are offered as individual solutions and delivered only under commercial Custom Engineering effort. These advanced functionalities in customized solutions will be integrated step-by-step in common product versions, even if they are available for the commercial applications already today.