bitcontrol® Digital TV Link

bitcontrol® Digital TV Link

The multifunctional audio/video component bitcontrol® Digital TV Link (bcDTVL) is a very important part of bitcontrol® Multimedia Suite.

With the help of its plugin technology

  • bitcontrol® Digital TV Link, as media server, receives as its input
    • audio and video in different compression formats (MPEG-2, H.263, MPEG-4, H.264/AVC)
    • and in different streaming and file formats (RTSP, DVB-TS, Adobe RTMP, HTTP, MPG, AVI, MP4),
  • divides the data in demultiplexer into its video/audio/data components,
  • saves them in files (recording) if necessary,
  • mixes and transforms them into other formats (transcoding) if necessary or
  • forwards them completely or partially to different receivers and to a multimedia player (clients) (retransmitting).

bitcontrol® Digital TV Link has a wide range of functionality and is still easy to configurate and to operate. Simply download it from the download area, install and test it, e.g. as TV receiver from a DVB-T USB stick for watching live TV on Windows Media® Player.


bitcontrol® Digital TV Link is used as a component in programs such as bitcontrol® Simple Player, bitcontrol® Video Streaming Server, bcRec, and other Windows Media® applications, e.g. Windows Media® Player. It's used to receive, transform and forward compressed audio and video data, DVB-TV, media files, WebCams, video streaming and, depending on the activated plug-in, other input types that are supported as a media source.

bitcontrol® Digital TV Link is not a stand-alone program. Normally, a multimedia application loads bitcontrol® Digital TV Link automatically if necessary. The use of bitcontrol® Digital TV Link and the construction of a filter graph can be controlled by the relevant program. A lot of Media Applications containing the bitcontrol® Digital TV Link filter can be managed and controlled in the bitcontrol® Video Streaming Server.

bitcontrol® Digital TV Link is delivered with a separate configuration menu, so that supported inputs, codecs, streaming formats and their parameters can be set comfortably. Complex streaming applications can be configured with the help of FOURCC Codec Mapping, individual codec parametrization, free transcoder definitions und channel control.

bitcontrol(r) Digital TV Link - Options menu

Plugin Overview

bitcontrol® Digital TV Link has a plug-in architecture where the activated plug-ins provide relevant audio / video functionalities. The following plug-ins are parts of bitcontrol® Multimedia Suite:

Input Plug-insDecription
Axis Connection to an Axis IP camera or an Axis encoder via RTSP server -
Bosch Connection to a VIP X compatible encoder with the H.263/RTP Short Header Protocol of Bosch -
GeViScope Integration in a Geutebrück GeViScope surveillance system -
Traficon Connection to a Traficon VIP T encoder -
Connection to a DVB-S/T/C BDA device, such as a DVB-T USB stick, a DVB-S PCI card, particularly to receive digital TV input and HDTV
Note: The list of devices covers a lot of DVB devices by all well-known manufacturers. More information about "Broadcast Driver Architecture" (BDA) see
Capture Device Connection to a TV set with capture device driver, such as a USB camera, screencasting software, capture cards and more
DreamBox Connection to a Dream Multimedia set top box -
dBox2 Connection to a set top box, type dBox-II -
ReelBox Connection to a Reel Multimedia Vertriebs GmbH set top box-
EPG Electronic Program Guide  for DVB signal (only for BDA devices)
File Receiver File formats: mpg, avi, mp4 etc.
Multistream Server Media sessions: HTTP Net Receiver (push mode), RTSP Recorder (push mode)
Output PluginsDecription
Recorder Recording as one of these file formats: mpg, avi, mp4
Net Publisher HTTP output stream for a receiver with HTTP media session net receiver in bitcontrol® Multistream Server plug-in
Multistream Server Media sessions (Publishing Points): RTSP server, Adobe RTMP / RTMPT, Apple HTTP live (HLS), Microsoft WMV, HTTP server
Microsoft ASF / WMV streaming support via IIS
Misc Plug-insDecription

Direct native operation and parameterization using the Systray icon on the Windows Taskbar for parametrization of plug-ins, for console switching, for channel switching, filter graph export etc., see documentation
No longer a seperate plugin since bitcontrol® Multimedia Suite Version v1.2 , integrated directly into bitcontrol® Digital TV Link instead


Logging and error display window, see documentation
No longer a seperate plugin since bitcontrol® Multimedia Suite Version v1.2 , integrated directly into bitcontrol® Digital TV Link instead


bitcontrol® Digital TV Link represents a key component of an audio / video filter graph in bitcontrol® Simple Player, bitcontrol® Video Streaming Server, and other Windows Media® applications. The flexibility of plug-in use is very high in bitcontrol® Digital TV Link. The features are described along corresponding Plug-ins.


bitcontrol® Digital TV Link is licensed within bitcontrol® Multimedia Suite.

For commercial use, bitcontrol® Digital TV Link, based on bitcontrol® Multimedia Suite,can be licensed as an extension in any quantity and also independently within the scope of OEM contracts. Please ask about the delivery conditions.

Today, MPEG-2 and H.264/AVC formats are the most widely employed standards in consumer video products and in commercial applications. They are used in DVD productions, in TV productions, in digital TV transmission and in high quality online video monitoring. Several companies participated in the development of MPEG-2/4 and H.264/AVC standards. Today, the MPEG LA Consortium - - represents the interests of all shareholders with more then a hundred patents. Royalties should be paid to MPEG LA for legal use of MPEG-2/4 and H.264/AVC technologies of  bitcontrol® Audio/Video Decoder in consumer products.

Please get information about the bitcontrol® Terms of License.