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Video Tutorials

Visual step-by-step explanation about configuration of bitcontrol® Digital TV Link and of bitcontrol® Video Streaming Server

0001 - Installation of bitcontrol® Multimedia Suite

The video tutorial "Installation of bitcontrol® Multimedia Suite" shows, how to install the contained three packages

  • bitcontrol® Video Streaming Server
  • bitcontrol® Digital TV Link
  • bitcontrol® Audio Video Codecs

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Demo Videos

batch example on BitCtrl Github

This video illustrates the batch example on BitCtrl Github https://github.com/bitctrl.

Language: German

bcmms 1.2 screen capturing

The video shows the use of the bcmms 1.2 screen capturing function.

Language: German

Demo2 - receive and save eight live video channels

The second video complements the demonstration from Demo1 by recording of 8 streams on the disk, but nothing is displayed. The required CPU power is much lower than in Demo1.

Language: German

Demo1 - receive, display and save eight live video channels

The video Demo1 shows how to receive, to display and to save on storage eight live video channels in Media Applications of the bitcontrol® Video Streaming Server at same time. The received videos are from different video sources and in different formats:

  • 2x DVB-T USB Stick - MPEG-2
  • 1x AXIS IP camera - RTSP - H.264
  • 2x DreamBox (Set Top Box DM7020 and DM8000)
  • 1x USB WebCam Logitech QuickCam
  • 1x File in *.mpg format
  • 1x RTSP Client for a MPEG-4 stream (Live traffic video)
Language: German

Demo - bitcontrol® SimplePlayer with Clients

This demo video shows how the bitcontrol® SimplePlayer acts as a Multistream Server and how it streams the protocols  RTSP, Adobe Flash Video RTMP and Apple HTTP Live Streaming HLS to different devices and media players at the same time. The following client devices are shown:

  • Blackberry Playbook receives RTMP with the browser Flash plug-in
  • Blackberry Z30 receives RTMP with MDC player
  • HTC One receives HLS with MX Player
  • Two VLC Players on a Win7 notebook receives the stream with RTSP and with HLS protocols, respectively
  • The IE browser on a Win7 notebook receives the RTMP stream with the Flash plug-in

All devices and players in the demo display the video streams from only one live video source. In this case from the same German TV-channel ZDF, which here is transcoded from MPEG-2 from an USB DVB-T Stick to H.264 and AAC. The players and the streaming protocols impact a different latency in the playback. Watch the several playbacks ;) Is the RTSP the winner, if you are watching football ?! Typical latency for the protocols:

•  native Player  100 ms - 1,5 sec
•  RTSP  0,5 sec - 2 sec
•  RTMP  2 sec - 10 sec
•  HLS  15 sec - 60 sec

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